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Latinidad Magazine's Submission Guidelines

**All submission must be received at 11:59 PM EST on the assigned date.**



  • Your work will be distributed both in print and online at Latinidadumich.com

  • You are the author/creator of your piece. This piece will always list you as the author/creator, and will contain your bio you turned in when you applied to join Latinidad Magazine. (You have the option of remaining anonymous.)

  • Latinidad Magazine has the right to decide whether or not to to publish your submission (this will depend on making sure our community feels safe).

  • A brief caption/description of your work will be turned in.




  • If you want us to provide feedback you will need to send it to us at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline.  

  • Max: 1500

  • File Format: Must be turned in as a google doc ( so that it can be edited to fit the format of the magazine).


  • Can use any media. Including, but not limited to, drawings, paintings,  illustration, photography, audio recordings, videos etc.  

  • File Format: turn in as high quality JPG image. If it’s a video or recording please turn in as a youtube link or as a MP3/MP4 file.  



  • You will receive an email with a link to a Google form once you register to become a contributor to Latinidad Magazine. Your biography will be published on Latinidad Magazine’s social media outlets ( Facebook and Instagram).


Why create for Latinidad Magazine?

      As our mission statement states, “Latinidad Magazine is a platform for Latinx artists and writers to reclaim their voice and foster a more accurate representation of the latinx community.” This platform was created for University of Michigan, Latinx undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty and alumni to share their talent with the U of M community.  

How can I contribute to Latinidad Magazine?

​     At the beginning of each semester, the e-board will disseminate an application so that undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty and alumni can sign up to be contributors for the semester. You MUST commit to being a contributor for the duration of the semester you signed up for.

Do I have to be Latina/o/x to contribute to Latinidad Magazine?

     No, you do not have to be Latina/o/x to contribute to Latinidad Magazine. If you do not identify as being Latina/o/x you must have a background in understanding the issues that impact this community since the platform is intended to provide a voice for the Latinx community.

How is the theme for each issue of Latinidad Magazine decided on?

     It is all up to you! Each month a theme is based on an agreement between artists and writers. Since this platform is intended to elevate the voice of the Latinx artists and writers contributing to the magazine, each person as an equal say.

How can I contribute to Latinidad Magazine?

     If you are an artist or writer, you are able to create freely. You have the opportunity to write, draw, paint, or create content using multimedia. We have an online platform for contributors to create videos, music, etc.